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Ernesto vs. Bastian – The Ultimate Thrill

Ernesto vs. Bastian need no introduction, or certainly not if you know your dance music! As far as music partnerships are concerned this pair are the perfect match! A chance meeting at the work place and the discovery that they both shared the same for electronic dance music meant one thing - the rest as they say is history!

Foundations to their successful double act were set in 2001 when they produced two blinding singles - Lonely People and ‘Being Single’, both going on to sell thousands worldwide. It wasn’t until the phenomenally huge ‘Dark Side of The Moon’ was released did the planet sit up and take notice. This one single has been signed to over 30 countries still the requests flow in! It also picked up the accolade as ‘Anthem of 2005’ by Radio 1’s Judge Jules, and sent the boys into orbit. After this – the only direction for Ernesto & Bastian was up!

Book Ernesto VS Bastian if your floor needs to be filled. The working success of Ernesto and Bastian’s is down to them both possessing entirely different elements essential to making the recipe a working one! Ernesto provides the DJ talent that is essential to entertaining thousands, with Bastian taking control of the producing and creative side. Throw them both together and the result is what we’ve got today – perfection! There is a natural chemistry with Ernesto & Bastian and it’s a very rare find.

Their music is a fusion of pop and trance, throw in a spoonful of darkness and you’ve got a very unique sound – evolutionary, driving, uplifting and so in demand! And indeed, listening to Dark side of the Moon defines the aforementioned down to a tee!

And so we are here: The debut artist album from Ernesto & Bastian entitled ‘Authenticity’. This project has been more than a year in the making and when delivered sent shivers through High Contrast HQ. The money is on this one. It’s utterly superb, apparently flawless in effort, and boy does it flow! This is Ernesto & Bastian in their prime. 12 tracks with each and every one of them telling an individual story. ‘Thrill’ which is on course to do serious damage in 2008 is included in this long player, and with Trance Energy 2008 already hailing at as its anthem for their 15th birthday event, world you better watch out - Ernesto & Bastian are about to hit you hard!

Turn this up loud and love every minute of it!

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