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DJ Rush was born in Chicago. He started of by playing at parties at a very young age, mostly on the South Side of the city. The music bug had caught him and he was exploring different genre ranging from Brazilian jazz to disco to Beatles. Tall and gangly, he stands at a towering 6’6”. His imposing personality has set the trend across dance clubs all over the world.

He started off with gigs at clubs like Playground, The Candystore, and The Music Box. To borrow his own words, “It's always important and interesting to make music according to your feelings and experiences". His fetish for constantly coming out with something innovative is evident in all his releases. He used to make tracks right in his bedrooms during his early days into the dance music scene. His mind boggling energy is evident in his percussion which is both wicked and legendary, at the same time.

Rhythms and drums form an integral part of his music. His tracks like ‘Spitball, I Love You’ have been club circuit favorites. His mix compilations have been a source of inspiration for many an aspiring DJ. His first residency was in a club called Reactor in Chicago in 1989. He used to play disco for crowds and that too for hours together. Such is Rush’s untiring passion for music or dance music, to be particular.

He moved on from there and spun vinyl at the famous Medusa Club, Music Box, and Warehouse. He is a pioneering figure in Chicago’s house scene. His uniqueness comes through in all his releases and in his DJing. His live performances are always known for their DJ sets and not to forget his pulsating music. Crowds go gaga over this much loved DJ, swaying to his techno, house, and melodies. Rush to the nearest event where he is playing.

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  • Rush - Trance Music DJ
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