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Bruce Cullen & Paula Alcasid - Upside Down [Raz Nitzen Music]

Bruce Cullen - Stellar Stream [Armada Music]

Bruce Cullen - Skyscraper [Flashover Recordings]

Bruce Cullen - 4 Sheets To The Wind [Fraction Records]

Bruce Cullen '1492'
Released on Black Hole Recordings

Nov. 12, 2012: Bruce Cullen's Princess Bay Released with Black Hole Recordings - Princess Bay Video

Bruce Cullen's Biography, History, Releases and Information

Back in 2002 Bruce Cullen Visited Sensation White in Holland, Bruce was Blown Away by the Magnitude of this Event and Everything Moved Forward, his Meeting many Top Artists at this Same Event Placed him in the Midst of the Dutch Trance Scene. Afterwards Bruce Traveled Back to Holland at Least 10 Times, being invited as a guest to Trance Energy, Sensation White and Black. Meeting a Large Majority of the Trance Scene Globally in only a Few Years Bruce was Bouncing from One Continent to The Next Watching, Learning and Planning the Best way to Take Trance to the Next Level in the United States. To Note, Bruce Cullen is also the founder of TranceElements.Com a Trance Music Company.

Bruce Cullen Performs in Front of 1.5 Million at The Duisburg Germany LoveParade Event, The Largest Music Event in the Globe of any kind.

jLoveParade Germany Duisburg 2010
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2010 Love Parade Bruce Cullen Reports to Denver Post News Bruce Cullen In The News
Love Parade - Duisburg, Germany
Bruce Cullen Reports to Denver Post News what Really Happened During the Tragedy. (Click for Full Story)

Most Recent Gigs/Appearances

The Famous Love Parade Germany (1.5 Million)
Colorado Springs - Earth Event
Omaha Nebraska - Club 415
The Church Nighclub - Denver Colorado
NeXT Presents with JOOP, Marcel Woods, Emma Hewitt
And More...

Bruce Cullen Residencies

Bruce Cullen's Concoction Series Joins iHeartRadio's 250 Million Base Radio Show

Bruce Cullen Residencies
Trance FM Trance Music
More Soon
Schedule: Trance Music - 2 Hour MegaMix EVERY 2nd Sunday from 20:00 - 22:00 CET (12 Noon MST)

iheartradio electric sound stage trance music radio
Bruce Cullen - iHeartRadio's Electric Sound Stage
Schedule: Bruce Cullen on iHeartRadio
Every Sunday: 10PM PST, 11PM MST, 1AM EST
Every Monday: 8PM PST, 9PM MST, 11PM EST
Every Tuesday: 3AM PST, 4AM MST, 6AM EST
Every Wednesday: 4PM PST, 5PM MST, 7PM EST
Every Thursday: NOON PST, 1PM MST, 3PM EST
Every Friday. 5AM PST, 6AM MST, 8AM EST
Every Saturday. 2AM PST, 3AM MST, 5AM EST


iHeartRadio & Electric Sound Stage (ESS) – Bruce Cullen Blasts The United States with a 250 Million Fanbase & Growing. The Concoction Series Becomes One of a Handful of Radio Shows To Reach a Potential Fanbase of 250 Million Users Through Clean Channel Communications Network. February 13, 2012, Bruce Cullen Continues his Career by Being Asked to Join the Massive 250 Million Plus Fan base iHeartRadio Show along side Roger Sanchez, UMEK, Solarstone and Arthur Galestian and many more. A Weekly Trance Music Mix Featuring Trance DJ Bruce Cullen. Clear Channel Communications Now Goes Massive with iHeartRadio.

"The nation's largest radio operator — with a base of 250 Million listeners and 800 stations in 150 markets, and a recent mega merger with Yahoo! Music — is seriously beefing up its iHeartRadio service. A major push includes top superstars Lady Gaga, the Black Eyed Peas and American Idol's Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler singing on the service's behalf." Taken From Clear Channel's iHeartRadio takes on Pandora.

Bruce Cullen – Radio Show & Performances

As the founder of TranceElements.Com Bruce Continues to put out a Monthly Trance Mix (The Concoction Series) on his Radio Show, a Show that has Gained Global Recognition and Respect around the Industry. Because of his Love for the Electronic Dance Music Scene Bruce Decided to Throw his Own Event in Denver Colorado on June 26, 2010, Taking Everything a Step Even Further. Bruce Played Alongside Emma Hewitt, Marcel Woods & JOOP. Currently Bruce is Really Busy on New Track Releases in the Studio.

Bruce Cullen – Track Releases

Bruce Cullen - Rum Runners (Original Mix) [High Contrast]
Bruce Cullen - Princess Bay (Original) [Black Hole Recordings]
Bruce Cullen - 1492 (Original) [Black Hole Recordings]

LoveParade Germany – Bruce Cullen Spins Live

Recently Bruce Cullen was asked to perform in front over over 1.5 million at the LoveParade in Duisburg Germany. From his First Viewing of the LoveParade Paul van Dyk Video "For an Angel" Around 2001, Bruce Cullen Plays the Same Track and a Remix of this Track in Front of the Largest Event in Music of Any Kind on Earth. "I Could Not Believe I was Asked to Play at This Prestigious Event, I am Still Shocked and Will Always Be. Imagine Being in Awe Viewing Such a Video at the Start of One's Career and Then Playing at This Same Event Just 10 Years Later."

Bruce Cullen Continues, The Reason To Watch

Continuing to Give Nothing but the Best, Pushing Events to the NeXT Level, Productions, etc., This Guys Future Looks Promising. Global Inquiries for Bookings Begin, This is Definitely A DJ/Producer to Watch Closely! With so much going on it takes some time, but as Bruce says "It all falls into place". There is so much to do and so little time, but Bruce Cullen is SURLY a person to watch closely. A hot hot dj, and not just the music! This is one artist that really deserves the respect of the industry and he is receiving it with his massive globally recognized Concoction Series. With a fan base of now over 250 Million and growing with his recent residency on iHeartRadio, this is one hot dj to follow. Bruce is also a resident on http://Trance.Fm, another site to watch. Bruce Cullen mesmerizes the global electronic dance music scene with amazing track selections that include Trance, Progressive Trance, Progressive House & Deep House. Bruce Cullen has networked with the top producers and regularly talks with the largest event organizers around the globe; it's no wonder he's smashing the scene on a global scale. Bruce is a great guy and ALL the rest!

Bruce Cullen's Background

In 2012 Bruce Cullen Releases his 1st serious track "Princess Bay", on Tiesto's Original Label Black Hole Recordings. This being his first track it went on to be highly considered for the In Search of Sunrise Compilation CD. ISOS 10 Australia is the most famous of all CD compilations in the industry, this was a major plus for Bruce. The track was accepted all the way till the final cut of producing the CD. Black Hole signed the track Princess Bay right away.

Bruce Cullen, 3 1/2 weeks later releases his 2nd Track "Rum Runners" and it's snatched up immediately by High Contrast Recordings, to be released in 2012. Bruce is quickly being considered as an artist on some of the worlds largest record labels, it's hard to ignore how fast this producer is moving into the right hands of the industry, he's treated like an ACE.

In 2010 Bruce Cullen Plays LoveParade Germany in Front of Over 1.5 Million People: Bruce Cullen Performs at The LoveParade Duisburg Germany.

Bruce Cullen has been directly involved with the electronic dance music industry for over 2 decades, throwing his own events such as NeXT, bringing in top talent such as Sied van Riel, JOOP, Emma Hewitt, Ronald van Gelderen and many more to the dance floors of the United States for their first US appearances.

Bruce is the Director of Marketing for The International Electronic Dance Music Hall of Fame, something still on the ground floor. Inquire if you want to be involved in any way, sponsor, hustler, etc. :)

Bruce has performed at the largest music event of any kind on earth in Germany, The LoveParade. With a background in Hollywood, appearing on Days of Our lives, Taco Bell Commercials, Bally's Shoe, Numerous NBC mini Series, In music Videos with Phil Collins, David Bowie, shows like Melrose Place, Beverly Hills 90210, appearances with Elizabeth Montgomery, working with Michael Landon and many others. The list just goes on and on, really....

Bruce has also managed the Super Bowl 1/2 time show "Mitch Mortaza, Creator & Executive Producer of the Lingerie Bowl, states: "We at Horizon Productions have enjoyed incredible success on the web with almost 58 million fans logging onto our website in '04 and record web traffic in '05."

Bruce has worked on Wall Street, being mentioned in The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek and has been written up in Popular Mechanics for one of his other two companies. Bruce is a member of The Screen Actors Guild (SAG) headquartered in Los Angeles, he is also a member of The American Federation of Radio And Television Artists (AFTRA). These two elite Hollywood agencies back up his history in entertainment and then some.

Bruce is also involved currently with producing music and has plans to work directly with the motion picture industry to create sounds that mesmerize the audience and take electronic music to another level.

Bruce on Facebook: http://Facebook.Com/BruceCullenOfficial
Bruce on Facebook: http://Facebook.Com/TranceElements
Bruce Spins/Performs "Earth":
Bruce on Twitter: http://www.Twitter.Com/Bruce_Cullen
Bruce TranceElements on Twitter: http://www.Twitter.Com/TranceElements
Bruce Owns TranceElements: http://www.TranceElements.Com


Trance Elements Trance Music Radio
Bruce Cullen LoveParade Duisburg Germany Video
iHeartRadios's Electric Sound Stage Channel
Bruce Cullen's Page on Electric Sound Stage Website

Bruce Cullen's Artist Website

Bruce Cullen - Deeper Biography

Bruce Cullen, Trance Music DJ, was brought up in a small colonial town in Amherst New Hampshire. Bruce's uncle Jim Santangelo, second from the top in the Teamsters Union under Jimmy Hoffa Jr. was Bruce's first inspiration. I want to work hard following the footsteps and success of my family"

Trance DJ Bruce Cullen

Shortly after working on numerous movie sets Bruce was asked to join The Screen Actors Guild union after only 1 year. Bruce's first role, with Dustin Hoffman in the movie "Outbreak"; soon after Bruce was asked to appear on "In Living Color" with the just starting out Keenen Ivory Wayans, Jim Carrey, Jamie Foxx and others, Bruce was now a full member of AFTRA (American Federation of Television and Radio Artists) and SAG (Screen Actors Guild). Bruce worked on shows such as Beverly Hills 90210, the Soap Opera "Days of Our Lives" and appeared as a principle in many Major TV commercials, he worked with Elizabeth Montgomery from Bewitched on an NBC Mini Series and in print advertisements all over the world.

Bruce was fascinated by Jan Hammer's Music that had been so popular from Miami Vice. "Jan Hammer from Prague Czech Republic was an inspiration to me as well as The Cure, and even Opera and Classical music."

Trance Music DJ

Bruce decided to check into the European scene, thanks to his father it was quite easy for him to get around the globe. "I went to Holland to see this huge show; I had no idea how amazing this was going to be, I was like this is me for sure, loud, big, and wonderful people to meet from all over the world, I felt at home instantly, hard to explain really... 55,000 people dancing... all the feelings they give you... and listening to loud music with top global DJs, the huge Holland Amsterdam Olympic Arena Soccer Stadium... shocking!

(Trance Music DJ let's get this industry in full swing, no need for faceless artists, we need this industry to be professional and move up the ranks as a genre for sure!)

Bruce took it all in at once, he decided to walk what seemed to be a mile to the VIP rooms upstairs at the mega Sensation Black event. "I walked into a room and heard some incredible music, I was like wow this is good! I approached the DJ and said hey, your music is awesome. The DJ's name was DJ-Joop from Holland, to make a long story short. I told Joop of my interests and dreams, I told him that I was managing the marketing of one of the Super Bowl 1/2 time shows (potentially millions of advertising eyeballs) in the United States and he understood right away (thanks Joop), we have been best friends ever since.

LoveParade Germany 2010 Bruce Cullen Spins Live

Bruce Cullen was asked to perform in front over over 1.5 million at the LoveParade in Duisburg Germany in 2010. From his first viewing of the LoveParade Paul van Dyk video "For an Angel" around 2001, Bruce Cullen plays the same track and a remix of this track in front of the largest event in music on earth. "I could not believe I was asked to play on Float #7 at this prestigious event, I am still shocked and will always be. Imagine being in awe viewing such a video at the start of your career and then playing at this same event just 9 years later."

"Trance music is amazing, I now make my own new trance tracks at TranceElements.Com, mixing the best of the best trance songs, house music, progressive trance and hard core trance. I want to introduce opera, trance, and other great music for everyone.

Bruce wants everyone to enjoy life much more then ever, these days there is too much corporate white-air, Nenes another close friend of Bruce's, from Amsterdam agrees, we need more trance music abroad.

I think we saw the sun rise every day for two weeks straight; never get old, it only happens when you want it to. I don't want it to!"

DJ JOOP made his first appearance in America in Hollywood on June 23, 2006 at "Heaven" and June 24th at "Avalon". In May 2007 JOOP had his first tour in the USA with Bruce Cullen managing JOOP's dealings stateside. JOOP performed again at Avalon Hollywood and the famous "The Church" nightclub in Denver. Bruce Cullen resides in Las Vegas Nevada. JOOP loves Denver so much he wrote a track called Pradera. Pradera is in Colorado, USA.

Bruce would like to thank all those involved, JOOP, Nenes, Daniel Wanrooy, Roger Shah, Jeff Malin, Mark Norman, Y-Catch Agency and the rest! I have sent big thanks out many times before to everyone involved and I will continue this trait always.

Trance Music Producer Bruce Cullen

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