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A website focused on trance music uplifting trance, progressive trance, psy trance, eurodance, vocal trance, even hardcore or deep trance.

Trance music globally is transforming into a new form of dance music like many have not seen before. You may find trance tracks with hardstyle trance or even dub step. It is now time for the next new genre of music to take hold on a worldwide scale. Rap and traditional dance music has seen its time. Trance music is really taking shape thanks to the internet revolution and changes in technology making it easier to promote music online and also produce music and distribute it through online media channels.

Trance radio stations must remain promoting the best tracks in trance music and house music. The newer the trance tracks the better. Aim for the best trance tracks that mesmerize your audience with the feeling of deep serious energy. Trance DJ and producers worldwide send trance radio stations like us your productions and demos. We can't survive without you.

Trance Elements will help everyone keep track of the shift in dance music to trance music as it's taking on a global level of change. From the past Berlin Germany Love Parade (which I was able to play at before it's ending after the recent bad news) to Thunderdome and the Solarize Festival in Holland, expect news about more shows worldwide right here on our trance music site.

Trance Music News Releases: Bruce Cullen Talks with Sponsors. Trance Elements is currently looking for sponsors for events and promotions in the trance music industry on a global scale

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